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We offer business strategy planning and consulting for Interior Designers driven to take charge of their business and create a deliberate wealth centered path to success. 

"I feel that when you put your trust in the experts' hands, that amazing things can happen - and the journey is so much less stressful."


You have an Interior Design or Decorating, business and feel overwhelmed

You crave a better way of doing things to attract the right client, provide an amazing experience and gain control of your projects

We start with the VIP Intensive Day with an exclusive one-on-one time to work together on what is most important in your business right now as well as your future goals.  You will get 5 hours of focused time, to take full advantage of learning from the experience I have gained over the years in running a successful firm.   


We follow up within 10 biweekly online calls  with Brenda to review process, provide task lists and action plans to keep your growth and accountability on track.

You will also have access to the wealth of templates, documentation and spreadsheets we have developed over 10 years to run a successful Design Firm .

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We recently had the privilege of being coached by Brenda. During our time with her, Brenda had us work through a carefully thought out set of business coaching sessions. As we moved through these sessions, we were excited by the clarity that she brought to our business model. Large tasks were broken down into smaller tasks, and we felt motivated by all of the ideas, and actionable items that were so clearly laid out before us.

Thanks again for everything Brenda - you are a gift!

Danette LeRoux

Design L.O.F.T. Trade Only Resource Center

What's included in the VIP Coaching?


  • The exclusive VIP Intensive 5 hour session

  • Workbooks (provided on booking) so we start the VIP Intensive Day with a solid knowledge base

  • The gift of empowerment from being heard by someone who has built a successful business

  • Define specific goals and objectives for 3 years

  • Tools and strategies to implement 

  • Clarity on your business structure and where you are heading

  • A general road map with action items and timelines to follow

  • A wealth of information from an industry leader

  • Regular bi-weekly coaching calls, that are 50-minutes of laser-focused coaching, accountability, and strategic feedback

  • Package of our proven templates and documentation to run your firm effectively ($2500 value)

  • Email support

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Commitment and Investment - $4997.00 + GST


  • Provide payment to hold your spot

  • Your time to fill out the provided excercises as preparation

  • 5 hour VIP Intensive Day together 

  • 50 min online call every two weeks (10 total) 

  • Commitment to take action on your strategic plan and your next steps with Brenda

  • Commitment of implementation of documentation and workbooks to streamline your business ($2500 value)

Note: I am happy to work with you online if in person meetings are not available for you in Edmonton, AB.  Typically I work directly with one person but if you have a business partner you would like to be part of our sessions then we can do that too.


I book no more than 3 VIP Intensives per month as they take a lot of mental energy as I share all my expertise. That is a lot of power in a short time all focused on you and your business!

Who I work with....


I am a very direct, quick action taker and giving person who loves to lift up other entrepreneurs.  I work best with people excited by new ideas, coachable, motivated and driven to think big and put all in on creating your dream business.  You are ready for much more and understand the value of having the mentorship and expert guidance to get you there.

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