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As an award-winning entrepreneur, Brenda offers invaluable insights and strategies, promoting collaboration over competition and an abundance mindset that fosters growth and unity. Committed to lifelong learning and giving back, Brenda seeks to pave the way for aspiring women in business by sharing her knowledge and expertise.

Beyond her professional life, Brenda's warmth and humor put people at ease, and her personal journey as a breast cancer survivor fuels her passion for mentoring women entrepreneurs.


I truly love connecting with people all over the world and to be able to pass on any knowledge I have to other women who wish to live abundantely.

If you are interested in having me speak at an event or host a webinar, then let's talk!

Key Note:  Life Work Balance - It's All About Perspective

Does striving for work-life balance stress you out?  Do you think of Work-Life Balance as a tightrope or teeter totter?  Does it stress you out to work hard to constantly not fall off?  Ouch - the stomach muscles!

I had a rock bottom ah-ha moment that changed my perspective on the stress of striving to live the perfect 50/50 work and family Instagram version of being a mom entrepreneur.  It changed my life and I love to share my journey and encourage women to live abundantly.


DIDDA Webinar - Life Work Balance - All About Perspective

  • Key note with interactive exercises and discussions 

CHBA Speaking Engagement - Life Work Balance

  • Key note 

CHBA Panel Discussion  - Setting Boundries

  • Creating boundries for better life work balance 

DDA - Webinar - Designing a Bedroom for Better Sleep

  • Heath & Welness for our clients 

​CRINA DAY - Making it Personal

  • A cancer patients journey navigating a cancer diagnosis 

life work balance.jpg

speak at webinars worldwide, sharing my experience and expertise in a variety of topics in creating life work balance as a female entrepreneaur. 

At AMR Design, we follow processes that allow our client projects to be an enjoyable one, with less stress and responsibility. And we believe in the same for our team and supporting a robust family life.  Read More HERE

Outside of work, I am passionate about giving back by spearheading initiatives to bring all facets of the construction and design industry together to support shelters.  Collaboration is my jam and I have created furniture and decore lines and continuely look for more opportunities.

Making contact

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  • What you are interested in having me speak about


Despite facing health challenges and experiencing burnout early on, her success story began with personal investment and the development of streamlined, repeatable processes, resulting in a thriving firm and the freedom to pursue other passions. Brenda's dedication to helping fellow Interior Design entrepreneurs, especially moms, achieve balance and fulfillment in their businesses is at the core of her mission.

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Brenda speaks to owning and operating a business and shares her experiences of working in a career she’s passionate about.

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