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Brenda Brix, Creative Director and owner of AMR I Design, has transformed thousands of lives through her unique design style and innovative renovation expertise. Her award-winning designs are known for keeping the client in mind with every detail - enhancing their lives now and in the future. She is a highly regarded industry leader that uses process, structure and technology to streamline everything.

With more than two decades in the Interior Design business I have grown my firm from the ground up through trial and error. By investing in myself, and taking the time to set up repeatable processes, I now have an amazing team and ideal clients. It is the firm I always dreamed of and I have the personal time and mental space to follow my other passions, while running a successful Interior Design business.  My favorite moment is still when the client first walks into their beautiful finished space and I can see the pure joy on their face.

I love encouraging women to live abundantly by sharing my knowledge through business consulting, speaking engagements and hosting webinars.



Starting and growing a business is hard. In the beginning, I struggled to find balance, giving everything to everyone and became burnt out. My family suffered and a health crisis helped me put it all in perspective. Since then, I’ve worked hard to create a streamlined, repeatable business structure to allow me the time and mental space to get back to doing what I love.


Now that my business is thriving and I have a team to continue that growth, I want to help other Interior Design entrepreneurs, especially other Mom entrepreneurs, create a fulfilling and balanced business. 





  • Do you have an Interior Design business that you would like to grow?

  • Are you overwhelmed and have a hard time keeping everything balanced?

  • Do you love what you do but wish the process was easier?

  • Would you like your evenings and weekends back? Is vacation unheard of?

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It doesn’t need to be this hard. Learn from me and get there faster.  More dream clients. More revenue. More time and balance.  Let’s go.  

"Brenda has been such a blessing to me and my business over the years.  We’ve collaborated on many projects together and I have always turned to her for advice on business development and overcoming obstacles.  Her coaching and expertise have always been very accurate and constructive.  It has helped both my business and personal growth immensely. 


Any entrepreneur would be very fortunate to have Brenda coach and assist them!"


Creative HQ



Collaboration Over Competition 

When I started, I reached out to other designers and was turned away with the attitude that I was trying to steal clients and business from them. But I believe in having an abundance mindset. Collaborating and working together can help us all grow and be stronger.


Learn and Give Back 

I had to do it alone - learning through blood, sweat and tears. Imagine if it didn’t have to be that way? Just like enhancing my design clients’ lives brings me joy, I want to share my knowledge and help pave the way for aspiring Interior Designers. 


At AMR | Design our firm members collaborate with local artisans, contractors, artists, and craftsmen to create one of a kind, unique, and beautiful designs that surprise and delight our clients.

We follow processes that allow our client projects to be an enjoyable one, with less stress and responsibility. Our strong process creates clearly defined goals, detailed budgets, and regular communication that encourages accountability and transparency.

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